About Peekskill LCN

Welcome to the Peekskill Library Community Network (PLCN).

PLCN brings together local groups and organizations serving the City of Peekskill and the Town of Cortlandt. The purpose is to make it easier to connect to interest groups, activities, and services – local nonprofit organizations of all kinds – serving this area.

Why nonprofits and libraries?
Local nonprofits – a major community resource – have information and direct experience addressing issues of concern, libraries have expertise in resource information management and disseminators, and both have committed relationships with their community. The library community network makes it easier for information to flow between organizations and the community thereby increasing awareness of these resources.
Notes –
All information presented here is taken from organization websites and/or submitted by the organization for the purpose of listing here. We screen and review information prior to listing, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

Peekskill Library Community Network has the word “library” in it because it had been developed with the Peekskill Field Library. We believe public libraries are the proper holder for this kind of directory.

The idea for Peekskill LCN began with a 2011 journal article for the American Library Association’s sister organization, Public Library Association, called, “Public Libraries: How To Save Them.” A book scheduled for release in 2019 will describe how libraries and communities can develop network directories suited to their unique locations. 

This directory is independently produced. It is not affiliated with any organization, business, or other entity. It has no commercial function: there is no fee for listing, no charge for viewing, no advertising, and no cost to any library wishing to link to this site. Furthermore, Peekskill LCN will never convert to a for-profit service. Peekskill LCN is an educational model as well as a functioning directory. 

Please write if you know of a group that should be included.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Thank you.